Publishing Corporation 1946-1979    
    Publishing Corporation 1964-1979    

Amir Kabir Publishing Corporation 1964 - 79

    1964 In collaboration with the late Dr. Mahmood Ramyar, the unique work of Fahares-ol-Quran (indexes of the Holy Quran) took 5 years of continued and elaborate work. It is now frequently used as a useful reference coming at the end of most editions of the Holy Quran as an addenda.

    1968 Amir Kabir purchased half the total assets of Sepehr Printing House, converting it to one of the most equipped printing houses suitable for book printing and binding.

    1970 For the encouragement of writers, translators and illustrators of children's books, in cooperation of Sazemane Hamgam and Mr. Nader Ibrahimi, an ambitious program was launched to publish books for children and youngsters.

    1971 A deluxe edition of the SHAHNAME of Firdowsi was published; popularly known as "Shahname Amir Kabir". Sixteen years of elaborate work was done on this title. Dr. M. J. Mahjoob had the task of editing it. Calligraphy was done by Javad Sharifi. Miniature paintings are the work of M. Bahrami; illuminations were done by Hossein Eslami, and etchings were carried out by A. A. Masoomi. 6-color and 8-color printing were used. It soon found its place in international museums such as the British Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of New York and the Hermitage Museum of Leningrad (Saint Petersburg).

    1976 As three publishing houses, namely Kharazmi, Ebne Sina and Jibi Books were all in financial crisis and trouble, their stocks were bought to make them solvent and rescue them from collapse. The merger resulted in the formation of "Amir Kabir Publishing Group" the largest private publisher in Iran with some 300 personnel in all.

    1977 Amir Kabir bought the rights to the Persian Encyclopedia of Mossaheb which had practically come to a standstill. The second volume was then published after a 12-year delay since the publication of its first volume. The second volume was published in 1978. The third volume was about to come out that the time coincided with the expropriation of Amir Kabir.

    1978 A deluxe edition of the holy Quran was published. It took 12 years of elaborate work. Mr. Ahmed Zanjani did the calligraphy. Mr. Ibrahim Hashemi was responsible for the illuminations. Proofreading and editing were done jointly by Hojjat-ol-Islam Seyyed Sadreddin Balaghi and Hojjat-ol-Islam Haji Mirza Hassan Massoudi. The text is printed in 7 colors.

    1979 In its last year of activity, 480 titles in a total of 8 million copies were put out. 150 titles were new titles. At this time, about 400 publishing agreements were already signed with writers and translators, some of which in the process of editing, typesetting or even under print.