Some milestones of 30 years of cultural services and publishing activities of Amir Kabir

  1. publishing of over 2100 titles by 300 writers and translators on different subjects. Some titles were either nominated for or awarded prizes. The following classification by subject may prove useful for an overall assessment: Religious: 63 titles; Philosophy: 32; Social and economical: 167; Language and dictionaries: 103; Pure and applied science: 164; Persian poetry and literature and novels: 432; Foreign poetry and literature: 388; History and geography: 214; Children's: 326; Textbooks: 195; Other subjects: 53. By adding the titles of the three new acquisitions, the total number of titles reached a record of 2800 titles.

  2. The most outstanding books were The holy Quran, The Shahnameh, Moin's Persian Dictionary, Aryanpur's bilingual dictionaries and the continuation and completing of Mossaheb's Encyclopedia.
  3. Paying royalties to writers and translators often in cash: something rather unprecedented at that time.
  4. Setting up 10 bookshops in Tehran and one in Meshed.
  5. Setting up book stands at book fairs.
  6. Establishing constant contact with 300 bookshops and wholesale dealers throughout the country.
  7. Selling books by instalment.
  8. Setting up editing and proofreading section which was not much customary in those days.
  9. Restructuring and equipping Sepehr Printing House to be best equipped to print and bind books.